Friday, February 24, 2006

Consumer's Marine Buying Tip
Consumer's Marine Electronics usally has the best prices on electronics for your boat. Here's something I discovered that might save you some money. I had browsed their website the day before I went to the Atlantic City Boat show, and printed off a few pages of the items I wanted to purchase with the price. At the show I asked the guy at the Consumer's booth if the prices on this type of stuff are any better at the show. I was looking at a stereo, hand held VHF, and binoculars. The guy said not for that type of stuff, he said I should just order off the website. When I went to order it several days later the prices were all higher. Luckily I had printed out the the items and prices. I called Consumer's and asked about this. They explained they turn on the boat show pricing only during boat shows. He told me to wait a few days for the Miami boat show to start and the prices should be lower again. I waited a few days and they were lower.

Lesson Learned: If your ordering something from Consumer's Marine from their website, you should wait for one of the many boat shows to be taking place. You don't have to go to the show and you can still get the better price. For big ticket items like chart plotters and radar you might get a better price at the show


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