Monday, June 15, 2009

Cape May Fishing Report June 13, 2009

Capt. Dave and I headed out of the slip in the Tiramisu at about 6:00 heading towards the Maih Maul area again. Again the ride out was fairly smooth. I think low tide was somewhere around 7:30, but we had a decent drift most of the day. We started off a little North of the light, but weren’t doing much. We headed over by some of the Party boats which were a little South East of the light. Capt. Dave’s sonar was indicating the water temperature was 73 degrees, but that might be off a little.

Again I think we ended up with about 10-12 shorts, and one bluefish, no keepers this week. We did come across a big sea turtle when we were out there. He was floating on the surface with a seagull sitting on his shell. He was still alive but didn’t look to good. We were also boarded by the coast guard when we came back to the harbor; they were conducting a spot safety check which we passed.

Later in the afternoon Capt Randy helped me get the new alternator in my boat. I was going to go to sleep early on Saturday night, but got a phone from Jim at around 9:00 letting me know he was over at the Harbor View. I got back to the boat after 1:00 AM.


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