Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cape May Fishing Report June 27, 2009

Bill, his Dad, and I headed out of the marina around 8:15 AM and headed for the Delaware Bay. Capt Randy and Dave had left around 6:00 AM and headed for the Cape May Reef.

We started in the bay, in the Brown Shoal area but the wind was against the tide and we didn’t have much of a drift, or any action. After about an hour we decided to move north. We were heading up towards Buoy 16, but stopped a little North of Brandywine light because there was a small fleet there. We pulled in right next to the Lady Chris head boat. The water temperature was around 70 degrees. I think we picked up one short there. So we headed further North toward Buoy 16. There was a North West wind most of the day and with an incoming tide. We did pick up a few more shorts once the tide went slack, and the wind was able to push us along.

We made it back to the barn by about 2:30, and Bill and his Dad headed home. (empty handed). While I was walking up to the Fuel Shack Captain Andy from the Island Girl yelled out to me, “Boy are you glad you didn’t go with us”. They ran into trouble 62 miles out. While cruising at 25 knots his anchor suddenly came undone, as it was dropping it got caught in his port side prop, and banged it up pretty bad. The good news was they were able to limp back in, all 62 miles on the other engine; the bad news was they were only doing 8 knots on the way back. The breakdown took place at around 6:00 AM, and they didn’t make it back until 3:00 PM. So yes I was glad I wasn’t on that trip.
When I caught up with Capt. Randy he reported that they only caught shorts while at the Cape May reef.

Later in the afternoon I went to Jim’s Tackle to buy a new jigging rod and reel. Matt at the shop helped me out. I ended up with an Avet LX 6 reel, with 60 lb braid and a top shot of about 100 ft of 60 lb mono. For the rod I went with the Shimano Trevala Jigging rod. Hopefully I’ll get to use them soon; I hope to jig for some tuna. Here’s some photo’s of the new weapons in the arsenal.


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