Sunday, June 24, 2007

June 23rd 2007 – Offshore on Island Girl
We departed the Bree Zee Lee marina with Capt Andy onboard the “Island Girl” at about 2:15 AM heading offshore for some tuna fishing. This is my first real attempt at tuna offshore, we’ve tried at the lumps with some of the smaller boats, but this is my first attempt at Offshore.

We cruised down to Poormans Canyon during the night, about an 80 mile run from Cape May. We took it a little slow since it was dark and we had heard reports of a lot of crap floating around out there. We had the lines out for trolling at 6:15 AM; sunrise was at about 5:30 so we missed on first light. We had 10 lines in the spread. There was a nice temperature break, from about 68 to 75 degrees in just a few miles. We trolled all day from 6:15 AM until about 1:30 PM and we didn’t catch a thing. We heard reports from some of the other guys that had a few in the box. We moved down to south Poormans after one report but didn’t get a thing all day. We were about to move one more time and Capt. Andy said I think there’s something stuck on the port side prop. Lou a professional diver jumped in and found some mono wrapped around the prop, not from our reels. He chopped that off and we called it a day.

Cruised back to Cape May and we docked by 4:30 PM. We ran a lot faster heading back since it was light out and we could see. So in summary 80 miles out, 80 miles back, and trolling all day, and no meat in the box. Maybe next time.


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