Sunday, October 22, 2006

Oct 21 2006, Season Ends

We left for Cape May at about 7:00 AM on Saturday morning with empty boat trailers in tow. We got down there by around 9:30 AM. We checked on Dave’s boat that was partially submerged, but we managed to get her back up. Just kidding Dave your boat was fine.

We had hoped to try for Stripers again, but the wind was gusting pretty well, and it sounded ugly out there. So Capt. Randy took “Just One More” for a little trip up the Inter-Coastal, and then headed over to the boat ramp. We pulled his boat, and then met up shortly with Dave and Kim. We really didn’t get to talk to them much. Then it was over get “Offshore Bites”. We pulled all the lines, and headed to the ramp. We both paid to have our hulls power washed at the marina, a good investment. We ate lunch at the Harbor View and then towed the boats back up. Getting the boat back in the driveway was still a challenge, but much easier then last time.

Now who wants to come over and help me winterize the boat?


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