Monday, August 14, 2006

Aug 12-13 2006, Bad Day, Followed by Great Day

Capt. Randy took ‘Just One More’ out to the Cape May Reef on Saturday. From the reports I heard the fishing was pretty slow and the conditions weren’t too good. I think Jim told me they had 1 short fluke, and a few snapper blues and ½ of a Sea Robin. The ½ of a Sea Robin was courtesy of a blue fish that chomped it in half. They also reported seeing two brown sharks meandering around the boat while they were at the reef.

On the other hand Capt Dave M. and Chuck (a.k.a. The Producers) took the ‘Tiramisu’ out on Sunday to the Old Grounds. They had a great day. They came back with 14 keepers, and had 20 overall for the day; Plus some Sea Bass and Ling thrown in for good measure. Several of the fluke were over 20 inches, with the biggest being over 26 inches and weighing in at close to 10 pounds. I would say that’s a doormat in my book. Not as big as the 131 pound Halibut that Sal caught in Alaska, but nothing to sneeze at.


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