Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Mother Nature had a problem with the driveway pipe. June 28, 2006

Back in March we got the extra driveway pipe installed and added more gravel to the entrance of the driveway so I could get the boat trailer in the driveway. Well last night we had quite a rainstorm, in fact it’s been raining for about a week. I looked out the window this morning and I had noticed a Delaware Township pickup truck admiring my new pipe.

Then I just went to get the mail from the mailbox, and this is what I saw.

The water eroded most of the new gravel. The entrance to the pipe is half way clogged with rocks, and obviously the volume of water needed the entire pipe circumference. The water backed up, and cut a new ditch in front of the driveway, and proceeded to erode all the new gravel. The good news is my little rock retaining wall is still standing, the bad news is it is not retaining anything. Plus even more of the existing ditch washed away.


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