Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Summary of Memorial Day Weekend.

We only fished on Sunday, Saturday the wind was suppose to be blowing pretty good, and Monday morning it was pretty foggy. Sunday we left the slip around 8:00 AM and headed for Skate Alley (marked as Flounder Alley on the charts). Jim picked up a short, about 16 inches right off the bat. Then all we caught after that were skates and sharks.

After a few hours, when the bay became a little calmer, we ran up to Miah Mall. The fishing was pretty slow here as well, but I did pick up an 18 inch keeper. The rest of the fish were skates.

Since low tide was at around 3:40 we decided to stay out for a while, so we went back down the bay towards the Sixty Foot Slough. Not much happening here either, I got one little shark and that was it. We got back to the slip a little after 5:00PM. We gave the boat a quick rinse and then headed over to the Harbor View for dinner. Around 6:30 a heavy fog rolled in off the ocean and the temperature dropped quite a bit.


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