Monday, June 21, 2010

Cape May Fishing Report June 19, 2010.

I got down to Cape May on Friday evening by 6:00 PM. Capt Randy and I ate at CJ’s then went over for some drinks at the Harbor View. We met up with some of the other guys from the Bree Zee Lee marina at Harbor View.

Since my boat still didn’t seem to be repaired the plan was to take Capt Randy’s “Just One More” out to the Cape May Reef on Saturday morning. We were at the marina a little after 6:00 AM. While getting the boat ready I ran into Jeff from RJ Marine Service. He informed me that they took my boat out on Friday and were trying to diagnose why the alarm was going off. He said they took a temperature gun with them and confirmed that the boat is not running hot. They then tried unplugging the various sensors that trigger the alarm. The latest thinking is that the ignition unit that sits on the riser may be bad. All the alarm wires feed into that unit. It seems to be an electrical problem. Later on Saturday Capt Randy and I were messing around with it, and after reading the manual I realized the alarm hasn’t been going off when the key is in the on position before the engine is started, it should. Jeff explained to me that the reason the alarm is supposed to go off with the key in the on position is because there is no oil pressure, since the motor isn’t running yet. So maybe the oil pressure alarm sending unit is bad. The oil pressure gauge is working, I’m not sure if there is a separate sending unit for the oil pressure alarm.

Back to the fishing report, things really heated up this week. Last week we only caught a few skates, this week we caught a lot of skates. I did manage to catch one short flounder, and a few Sea Bass. Capt. Randy managed to catch a sand shark about 3 feet long. As we were trying to pull the hook out, the shark bitched slapped him right in the face with its tale. We fished the North End of the Cape May reef and then moved towards the center of the reef. Most of the fish were caught towards the center of the reef. The water temperature at the reef was around 68 degrees.


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