Monday, June 07, 2010

Cape May Fishing Report June 6, 2010.

I left for Cape May from home very early on Saturday morning. I was in Cape May by 7:00 AM. It looked like the repairs to the impeller (a.k.a. water pump) in the outdrive were complete. I could also see that Clint from Nor’easter Canvas had completed the new window and dash cover. It was low tide at 8:40 so I went up to Rio Grand and bought myself a deluxe beach chair, even though I don’t head to the beach that often.

Around noon the tide had come up, so we dropped the boat back in the water at the boat ramp. We took it for a little ride over to the toll bridge; it didn’t take long for the hot water alarm to start beeping. Evidently the impeller in the outdrive was not the issue.

Since my vessel still had issues I went fishing with Capt Dave aboard the Tiramisu early Sunday morning. We were hoping to redeem ourselves from the last trip. Our hopes were dashed. We hit the intercoastal waters behind Wildwood. We didn’t have much luck back there. Then we went out the inlet over by the yellow cans. A small pod of dolphins came pretty close to the boat. Capt Dave caught a small shark, that was it. Then we tried drifting right in the Harbor, thinking the wind wouldn’t be against the tide there. Nothing happening there either. We had 3-4 hours of fishing in, and were back in the slip by 9:30 AM. I told you we had left early.

I bought a new thermostat, gaskets and water temperature alarm sending unit and replaced those on Sunday. It was a little windy but I had to take the boat and test if any of those changes resolved the warning alarm issue. Unfortunately they didn’t. It was also a bit of a challenge to get the boat back in the slip.

I left the keys to the boat with Rich, from RJ Marine, and asked them to take it out this week and try to troubleshoot the issue, and resolve it. Since the impeller is the only part of the equation that is below the water line, I was able to hook up my boat trailer and haul that home. Check back next week to see how Capt Chris’ wallet survives the onslaught.


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