Monday, July 30, 2007

July 28 2007 – Bree Zee Lee Fluke Tournament

The entry fee for the tournament was $50 per boat and I think there were 12 boats signed up for the tournament. The tournament was for the biggest fish, with payouts to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

Dave M and Chuck on the “Tiramisu” headed to the Old Grounds and ended up coming in second place. They ended the day with five keepers. The second place fish was in the 4lb plus range. They caught three of their keepers within 2 minutes, and much like the circus they were working with out a net when the 2nd place fish was hooked. Congratulations!

I was on board “Just One More” with Randy and Jim. We headed back out to the 9 and 10 Buoys, with a lot of other boats. The drift was terrible for most of the morning on an outgoing tide. Around noon we finally got a decent drift. Capt. Randy hooked into a fish that probably would have been a money fish, but was heart broken when we lost it at the boat. We ended the day with only one 18 inch keeper. We had a few through backs and a bunch of skates and sharks as well. Conditions were calm, wind from the South West and it was a 98% waxing moon, with an outgoing tide most of the time. We also saw a few sea turtles but as usual they would dive each time I tried to snap a photo.

I’m not sure who came in first and third place, but I know it wasn’t us.


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