Thursday, July 05, 2007

June 30 2007 – Reef Site 11 and Ye Old Grounds

We started off at Reef Site 11, Capt Randy and John were on board “Just One More”, and Jim and I were on “Offshore Bites”. We weren’t having much luck at Reef Site 11, a few shorts and a couple of Sea Bass. So we called Capt. Dave and Chuck on the radio to see how they were doing at the Old Grounds. At that point they already had 4 in the box.

We headed over to the Old Grounds, which is a fairly large area. We didn’t see Dave and Chuck so we set our lines out with the rest of the fleet. Nothing! We finally ran into Dave later in the day but we weren’t catching anything. Dave and Chuck ended up with 8 in the box for the day. The water temperature was in the 70-71 range, and it was overcast all day.


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