Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Mother Nature had a problem with the driveway pipe. June 28, 2006

Back in March we got the extra driveway pipe installed and added more gravel to the entrance of the driveway so I could get the boat trailer in the driveway. Well last night we had quite a rainstorm, in fact it’s been raining for about a week. I looked out the window this morning and I had noticed a Delaware Township pickup truck admiring my new pipe.

Then I just went to get the mail from the mailbox, and this is what I saw.

The water eroded most of the new gravel. The entrance to the pipe is half way clogged with rocks, and obviously the volume of water needed the entire pipe circumference. The water backed up, and cut a new ditch in front of the driveway, and proceeded to erode all the new gravel. The good news is my little rock retaining wall is still standing, the bad news is it is not retaining anything. Plus even more of the existing ditch washed away.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Flatties Found at the Old Grounds.

Sat. June 17th, 2006 - Unfortunately we were fishing at the Cape May reef. The ever consistent producers Capt Dave M. and Chuck went to the old grounds and caught these rare albino fluke, not just one but five of them. Plus they lost a few at the boat. I’m not sure if the ones they lost at the boat were albino fluke.

I had the steering wheel and dash pulled off on my boat, so we hopped onboard the “Just One More” with Capt. Randy and Ruth. We left the marina around 9:00 AM and headed for the Cape May reef. We caught about 8-10 throw back fluke, a few sea bass, sea robins, skates, and snapper blues. The drift was pretty slow for most of the day; it finally kicked in during the afternoon. For those of you that think those are actually albino fluke, you really need to go out fishing; fluke are white on the bottom.

After fishing we got all the rest of the wiring for the lights on “Offshore Bites” hooked up. We also discovered “the hard way” that the vent for the marine head holding tank was clogged. We fixed that Sunday morning. So all the wiring is done, for this year, and the new lights work, the old lights still work, and the radios work.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Why, Yes I did go to Cape May this weekend…

I went down Friday afternoon, and came back Saturday afternoon. The thought going down was that Saturday would be a blow out, and it was. They even cancelled the South Jersey Shark tournament on Saturday, they may have made the day up on Sunday but I don’t know. The wind was whipping pretty good on Saturday. If the guys in the shark tournament couldn’t make it out, my little boat did stand a chance.

That’s why the plan was to snake the rest of the wires for the lights, through the radar arch. And that’s exactly what we did. Capt. Randy got a hold of some handy dandy speedometer cable, which was very useful for snaking the wires. To make a long story short we got the rest of the wires run, all the way up to the dash. I still need to connect them to the switches.

Oh, by the way did I mention that I caught a giant shark over the Memorial day weekend. Here’s a photo of that monster.

And did I mention that Andy and crew, of the Island Girl, were in the South Jersey Shark tournament this weekend? Well yes they were, and they caught a Mako Shark that was only 250 pounds heavier then the shark I caught. Andy’s Mako weighed in at 254 lbs, and had them in second place as of Friday. Hopefully they held on over the rest of the weekend. I know the tournament was called on Saturday, don’t know about Sunday. Here’s a photo of the Island Girls big Mako.